How Do We Start “Letting it all go?”

How do we start “letting it all go?”  We hear it all the time in our classes.  “Breathe in and exhale everything that no longer serves you.  “Begin to clear your mind.”  What exactly isn’t serving me?  How do I know what to let go of?  How am I supposed to think about all of these things while focusing on letting go?  Whoa.  I thought I was supposed to feel relaxed right now?!

Our life is a series of peaks and valleys.  The ups and downs are felt daily and can sometimes zap our energy.  If this is the case, it could be time for a change!  Start by shifting your way of thinking – focus less on dwelling on the feeling of the ups and downs, and more on staying connected to ourselves.  This may feel like a challenge at first, especially if we tend to shy away from change.  Change can be fascinating – we begin to grow when we step outside our comfort zone.  Maybe we don’t take a full step out of that zone…yet!  Maybe we inch our toes out of the box that contains all the normalcy.  Inch your way towards feeling free.

Ahh.  Freedom.  Makes you feel like you can breathe freely!  Take a deep inhale through your nose, counting to 4.  Exhale out the mouth, counting to 6.

Breath.  Something we can control.  We can control what goes on inside our bodies.  During times of change, what remains constant?  Our breath.  During our yoga practice, our body ebbs and flows.  Throughout our time practicing on the mat, we embrace the flowing movements, breathing through each change.  Some of the asanas are more challenging, but we keep breathing through them.  Some of our obstacles in life are difficult and demanding, but we can keep one thing constant – our breath – and flow through them too.  When we are stable and strong, like our breath, we begin to notice that tough times become more bearable.  We start letting go of our fear of change, letting go of the feelings that hold us back and letting go of any thoughts that have a negative impact on our well-being.

Trust in yourself to know that you can ride the waves of life with a feeling of contentment, just like the waves of a flowing asana practice.  You have everything you need within you to overcome new challenges with grace.





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