Cue Crazy!

With so many types of yoga, there are many more variations on the cues that we hear over & over in all of our classes.   Enjoy this guide that will take you through the yoga alphabet to keep your practice balanced & safe.  See which cues resonate with you and feel free to incorporate any (or all!) of them into your daily practice.

To kick us off, we will start at the beginning with the letter ‘A’ – ARMS and ALLOWING new experiences to happen.

Our arms are what help us bear weight on our hands.  Just one example would be when we move from High Plank to Chaturanga as we flow through our Vinyasa.  Press into all 10 fingers evenly, keeping all of the fingers wide on the mat.  Become aware of the upper arms – the shoulders externally rotate, along with the biceps, so that the elbows can stay hugged in towards the chest to lower down in Chaturanga Dandasana (TIP:  Make sure you can see the elbow creases (external rotation) before lowering down; this will help you hug the elbows in and create 90 degree angles with the arms).

Another cue is to ALLOW.  We must begin to open our minds and listen to our bodies throughout all of our practices (off the mat, too!).  Allow yourself to remain curious through every pose.  Step out of your comfort zone and see what your body is capable of.  If you find that you’re holding tension in an area of your body, allow yourself to soften that spot by breathing into it to create space instead and then exhaling the tension.  With each exhale, sink deeper into the pose & allow the body to surrender a little more.   Giving yourself permission to release on the mat helps us begin to let go off of our mats too.  Try it – I’d love to hear about your experiences!


Stay tuned for our next blog post, flowing through the yoga cue alphabet with the letter B:BALANCE.  Share your comments below if you enjoy these cues and would like me to feature a specific cue that you love or continuously try to focus on during your practice!





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